Monday, November 16, 2009

Missing Mom

Today marks the one month anniversary since my Mom went to be with the Lord. I have had her on my heart a lot lately. This week Spencer and his dad are out of town on business so I decided to stay with my mother-in-law so we could keep each other company. Whenever my mom came to visit after we had the boys she would stay at my in-laws. This week I am staying in the room that she always stayed in. She loved coming to Florida and staying at the Blunden's, she always said that she got the best sleep in this bed. I was thinking back to the last time she was here. It was April of this year, I had just had Joshua. One night I was with her in her room helping her get ready for bed and she just sat there and told me how embarrassed she was of the scar on her head and how she missed her hair. I still remember how she looked and how she smelled.

Two nights last week I had the same dream twice. I was in the church lobby and I turned around and my mom was there. I was like she was just there visiting like she used to. She looked so beautiful, she had hair, she was all dressed like she used to dress and she was just glowing. I ran to her and hugged her....and you know what I could really feel her hug. It was like God was letting me feel her again in my dream. Of course I woke up very emotional, but now I think it wasn't meant to be sad or scary...just a sweet hug from my mom. Feeling her arms around me and smelling her perfume. Just like she used to be.

Sunday morning at church we had the most amazing time of worship. I love love love worship on Sunday mornings, I just love singing praises to the Lord. The one thing I kept wondering was what Mom must be experiencing. She is spending her days singing praises in the presence of the King. How awesome. I miss her like crazy....but my sorrow will only last for the comes in the morning!

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