Saturday, December 12, 2009

Good Cents?

Yesterday both boys ran out of diapers at the same time. I really don't like having to re-stock both sizes of diapers at once. I guess I think that if I do it at different times it costs less :-) Andrew has always worn Huggies and Joshua wears Luvs. I just like the way each brand fits each boy. But yesterday I decided that I should try a store brand instead. When Andrew was a baby I tried the Walmart brand, they were so bad I don't think I even finished the package! But I have heard good things about the Target brand. So off we went to Target, I had even written down how much I pay per diaper of the other brands so I could compare and see if the savings was even worth it.
Well I did the math before I bought them and the name brand diapers cost $0.24 per diaper and the Up and Up's cost $0.17 per diaper, so on one box of diapers I would save $6. I thought that was a pretty good savings. So back home we went with our new diapers.
I get home, open the package and pull out a stack of each diaper for each boy. For those of you who have not diapered a baby in a long time most diapers have a number on them somewhere to indicate the size. Well...these don't. Not only do they not have a number, but they are the exact same pattern, blue and green polka dots.
So this is how we fixed the problem



I have yet to come to a conclusion on the quality of the diapers, like if they hold pee pee and poopy! But I do know, that if I am going to insist on saving some pennies, then I will be spending lots of time numbering diapers myself. Or maybe I will just call Target and ask them to fix the problem!


  1. Hey, this is Carol Ouwenga, I just thought I would tell you that the sizes are on the velcro strips on the inside, usually on one side only though. LOL I do understand the diaper issues though! We have 2 little ones in diapers and a third who wears them at night. The shirts are really cute! Have a great Christmas and a safe drive!

  2. The diapers are holding the pee pee and poopy just fine. but it is annoying that the number is under the velcro since the requires pulling the velcro to see the size... I guess saving a few bucks is worth it

  3. I have the exact same problem with these diapers. I love the cost savings but I didn't know how I was going to solve the size problem so I am going to steal your idea! Thank You!!