Friday, October 9, 2009

Go Gators!

We live in Florida, so of course we love the Florida Gators! This is when we were dating, we went to Gainesville and met up with Spencer's brother to go to a game.




We don't get to many games but we always watch from home. We have also started teaching our boys the Gator Chomp! Andrew does it really well, but Joshua still needs some practice!


I must also share that I was born and raised a Buckeye. I am also a very proud aunt to the two cutest Buckeyes around.


I will cheer the Bucks on when they are playing... unless they're playing against Florida, then they're Gator Bait!


  1. I love me so Tebow but Roll Tide!!

  2. While I love Tebow and the great christian man he is, I have to say Go Cats!! Even though they kicked our booties a few weeks ago. But basketball season is going to be different! :)

  3. I saw your link on Kelly's Korner and had to check it out since it said Go Gators! I love the picture of your little boy in the Gator boys have had so many cute Gator clothes through the years- smocked Gator john-johns, polos, onesies, pjs, t-shirts, etc. It's so much fun! They have learned to do the chomp too and throw their hands in the air for touchdowns. It's nice to see that others are training their children early too-Go Gators!

  4. I live in Gainesville and went to UF, so I have to say....GO GATORS!!!!!!!

    And it's funny, but I grew up in OH too, but I'm not a Buckeye fan because I'm such a HUGE Gator fan!

  5. From Kelly's Korner...had to say Go Gators!!!

  6. Also checking in from Kelly's Korner... GO GATORS!

  7. Saw the Gators from Kelly's Korner and also live in Florida, so stopping by for a visit. Love your pictures, what a cute family!

  8. I'm also checking from Kelly's Korner... I married a Gator alum... the marriage didn't last long but my love for the Gators has! I may have left my Gator man but I'll always be a Gator fan! Gooooo Gators!