Thursday, October 1, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Baby Gear

It's time for Show Us Your Life over at Kelly's Korner! This week is all about baby gear. Let me just say that I am all about function, affordability and stuff that fits in a small house! When we registered for baby stuff I went with all around neutral because I knew that it would need to last us through multiple babies!
This is my single stroller. It is the Graco Metrolite. I L-O-V-E this stroller. It is almost 10 pounds lighter than the average full-size single stroller and still has great cup-holders and a great basket. We still use this when we go on walks and put Andrew in the wagon. We got the travel system and the car seat is the same colors. If I had to get a single stroller again I would definitely get the same one!
Graco MetroLite Stroller in Metropolitan 6121MTR
Little did we know that we would need a double stroller so soon after having our first baby! When Joshua came along 12 months after Andrew was born we got this double stroller.
It is the Graco Duoglider LX. I love this stroller as much as anyone can love a double stroller. I am very happy with the way it steers, the cup holders and the basket. I also love the color, it's called "Zarafa." The only problem I have is that this sucker weighs 40 pounds! I went from lifting a 19 pound stroller to lifting a 40 pound stroller and let's just say that in the middle of summer in Florida I am way past sweaty by the time I get this thing plus the boys in and out of the car!

When it came to getting a bouncy seat and swing I knew I wanted one or the other. We don't have a large house and I didn't want too much baby gear cluttering it up! We picked this swing.
Plush fabrics and soothing swinging comfort for baby.
It is the Fisher-Price Open Top Take-Along swing. It is actually a travel swing so it is much smaller than a full-size one. The only thing I would change about this is that it does not have any toys attached and when the babies get a little older they tend to get bored with it. If I had it to do over I would get one like this.
When I had Joshua my sister-in-law asked me if there was anything I didn't get with Andrew that I wanted, I asked for this.

The Bebe au Lait nursing cover in Chocolat. I LOVE this. With Andrew I just used blankets to cover up, but I kept having visions in my head of nursing Joshua in public and having Andrew pull the blanket off my shoulder leaving me completely exposed and slightly embarrassed! So needless to say, this has been wonderful and I get so much use out of it!

I can't find a picture of the exersaucer we purchased, but it was an Evenflo. I have a definite opinion about this though! I bought the cheapest one I could find. If I had it to do over I would buy this one.
Graco Baby Einstein Discover & Play Activity Center
The Baby Einstein Exersaucer. The toys are so much more interesting and it really is worth it to spend some money on a good exersaucer! I put our boys in it all the time, while I am in the shower, while I am fixing dinner, when I just need them to be confined and so it needs to be one that they won't get bored with too quickly!

Lastly, this is our wagon. Andrew got this for his first birthday and it was a wonderful gift! It is perfect for taking to the beach because the wheels work in the sand. It is fairly lightweight and as you can see from the bottom picture, you can load it up with tons of stuff!

Radio Flyer #2800 Voyager Canopy Wagon + Free Shipping - click to enlarge

Happy Friday!


  1. we adore the baby einsteins exersaucer! definitely worth the $$$

  2. My son just got a wagon for his first birthday and we both love it.

  3. Thanks for the advice on the double stroller. I am pregnant with second child due in 4 months and he will be 16 months younger than my first.