Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today Andrew was walking around the house saying "cyder....cyder...cyder." He walked up to the basket of books, rummaged around for a minute and exclaimed "Cyder!!!!!"


This is his new favorite "nursing" book...it's the one he always picks to read while I am feeding the baby.



Speaking of the baby...this boy is 6 months old today!!!! I can't believe it.


It makes me sad that he isn't a tiny baby anymore, but I love all the things he is learning to do. Andrew, who just turned 18 months, is at such a fun age and I look forward to having two toddlers. I am so thankful for my sweet, healthy, happy boys!

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  1. I love those books! We have the itsy bitsy spider and twinkle little stars just like those. The picture are fantastic! Happy 6 months to your baby boy!!