Monday, September 28, 2009

Every Florida Mom.....

...needs a great bathing suit! Spencer and I went to the mall on Sunday afternoon. Our Dillard's is going out of business and I decided to take a quick look around. Let me just say...I love hunting a good deal. TJMaxx, Marshalls, Target...I love to scour the clearance racks for a good buy. With that being said, I have never been in such a BIG mess of a store in all my life. I almost gave up because everything was so unorganized and overwhelming. But luckily I looked long enough to find this...


Since I have had my boys I have not been able to find a bathing suit that is flattering, supportive, not black and less that $100! Well I found exactly what I was looking for in this suit! (Plus it was less than $30!) I knew that if I passed it up I would be kicking myself next summer. Besides, I have to try and look half as cute as my little fish!



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