Saturday, September 19, 2009

Little Men and a Day of Denim

Spencer was so excited this morning. He was going to get up and fix a man's breakfast...pancakes, eggs and bacon. He loves teaching Andrew how to do "man" things, you know, how to eat a big meal, how to dig in the dirt, how to dress like man, how to enjoy a summer snack, how to play ball.







Joshua can't wait to learn "man" things too.


He looks forward to the day where he doesn't have to go shopping with me because I am the only one capable of nourishing him for the time being.


But I would like to think he was happy for the denim deals I got today!


We went to Kohl's because I had a return and a gift card and this is what we ended up with.

Denim bermuda shorts - $7.20 Denim crops - $8.80 Cute jeans (because for the last 2 winters my jeans have needed an elastic waist!) - $24.99 Banana Republic jeans from a local consignment shop - $15

So with a gift card plus a merchandise credit I got all of the above for a grand total of $18.15...I was pretty proud.

Remember how I didn't have any spending money? Well yesterday I decided to roll our jar of change to see how much was in there....any guesses? $84....what a nice surprise! So the mister and I both got some spending money. So I treated myself to these as well...


Happy Weekend!

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