Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let Me Hold You Longer

About this time two years ago Spencer and I found out that we were having a baby boy. We were so excited! At the time I was working for as a "domestic helper" for close friends of ours. One day while I was at work the doorbell rang and I answered it, I was very surprised to see my mother-in-law. I looked at her kinda confused and then my mom stepped around the corner. We hugged and cried and she gave me this book.


On the inside she wrote this message...


This book sits on Andrew's dresser and yesterday when he woke up from his nap he kept pointing at it saying "book, book."


So I sat him and Joshua in the crib and read to them.




A week ago yesterday I kissed my Mom goodbye for the last time. This book will always be special to me because it has my mom's handwriting in it and hopefully it will be a reminder to me not to overlook any of the "lasts" in life.


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  1. That is the sweetest book, but it always makes me cry :(. Still praying for you as you go through this tough time.