Friday, February 19, 2010

All Over

This post is going to be a little random. I have been a terrible, terrible blogger these last what, two weeks? I know that all three of you that read this blog have been worried sick over me :-)

Worry no more.

I'm back.

There are about three reasons for my absence. The first being, we were out of town! The first week of February we drove up to Georgia to be at the Grand Opening of Computer Advantage, Newnan. Spencer works with his dad, who re-located a new store in Newnan, GA. The new store is in a very fun outdoor mall where there is lots to do...unless it's 40 degrees and raining all week. Which is was. We tried to entertain ourselves at the hotel for awhile, but you can only ride the elevator and walk the halls so much before the housekeeping ladies start to get annoyed. So we discovered Monkey Joe's. It's an indoor playplace that my boys loved! It was two doors down from CA and was nice because we could let the boys play, go eat lunch and then take them back to the hotel to crash!

We also took a trip to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. Andrew loved the "pishies" and Joshua cracked up at the penguins. I have so many good pictures to share but that will have to wait, which leads me to the second reason I have been absent.

Our camera is still in Georgia. I feel like a post is incomplete with no pictures, so I have hesitated to post because I didn't figure anyone cared to read my random ramblings! But, my father-in-law is returning next week and with him will return my camera and my frequent posts! I know, you can hardly wait :-)

And my last very valid excuse for not posting.....we have been sick sick sick! Last Friday when we were at a friend's house playing Joshua vomited on me....three times in a row. I was mortified because it went everywhere! I was trying to clean up and not gag, while falling all over myself apologizing to my friend. It was gross. The rest of the day he had some yucky diapers but I didn't really think of it. Well, Saturday I started to feel crummy and the next 12 hours were pure misery as the stomach bug bit me, then Andrew and finally Spencer. By Monday morning we were all feeling better except for Andrew. He has continued to have EXTREMELY yucky diapers all week long. His doctor said that it could go on for up to a week and I think we are finally starting to move on.

Since I hate a blog post with no pictures I will leave you with some pictures from the few days before our GA trip,




This is what happens when you leave your nail polish box unattended on your bathroom counter and let a 20 month old wander around.


I was a little disappointed that this is the only nail polish that broke, I got this when we were on our honeymoon and it just happened to be named after me. Oh well!


Have a wonderful weekend! I will return soon with a little more substance!

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