Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Closet Remodel

Two weeks ago I got the itch. The itch to organize and clean out our closet. It started with pulling some old stuff out and ended with me removing the shelving, busting out the white paint and asking Spencer to price some new shelves. When we were first married I thought it would be cute to paint our closet half pink, half blue. His side, her side. When I was in Ohio for a long weekend Spencer surprised me by painting it. I enjoyed it for a few years but decided it was time to get our closet looking more uniform, organized and make the best use of the space we have. Here are a few pictures from our recent closet make-over.

Before, pink and blue, only one rack on each side with a lot of wasted space.

It's amazing how much stuff you keep in a closet! Our house looked like a bomb went off for a few days till we got it all put back.

After a fresh coat (or 3) of white paint and some new racks. It's amazing how much more organized our closet looks! (This was before all the stuff was put back of course!) I'm sure my clothes and shoes appreciate the breathing room :-)



  1. I need to get in one of those moods! My closets and house needs cleaning out! You did a great job!


  2. It looks really good I like it.

    On January, my husband and I remodel the closet of the family room and we have plans with our closet, but maybe is project for May.

    I'm trying to do something at our house every month (one of my resolutions).