Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Dear Andrew,
Today we celebrate your two years of life! I am so very thankful for you. You are my sweet, funny, smart, happy little boy and your Daddy and I love you so very much. It has been exciting to see you grow, change and learn new things and I can already see that you have the heart of a servant. You would rather help Mommy in the kitchen or in the yard over playing with toys any day! I am excited to see how the Lord uses you!

I pray that you will love the Lord and trust in Him to be your everything. I pray that He would help me be a better mommy to you and not just tell you to love Jesus, but to show you through the way I live my life.

You are the best big brother Joshua could have! You just love on him and play with him and he loves to laugh at you! There are so many people that just love you to pieces, you are a blessing to many!

Happy Birthday Andrew Spencer, I love you sooooo much! XOXOXOXOXO






I wrote about Andrew's actual birthday HERE!


  1. Daddy seconds everything mommy wrote! Happy 2nd Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday to one of the two sweetest nephews ever born! We love you so much Andrew and you are growing up to be such a sweet boy. You are just so handsome! All of the pictures are just so cute. We can't wait to come and visit you all in a few more weeks! Love you!

    Aunt Emmy, Uncle Jay, Joel and Caroline

  3. awe.. happy birthday to your little one.. he is so precious!! I cant believe mine will be four and three this year.. I am so sad!

  4. Happy Birthday Andrew!! God bless you.