Monday, January 25, 2010

For you, Sister!

This is my beautiful sister, Emily.


She lives in Ohio, is mommy to my sweet niece and nephew and blogs here! This post is for her, but since I know you all are dying to know, I will share the story with you as well :)

Spencer and I had a date night on Friday night and after dinner we went to the mall for a bit. I got a Macy's gift card for Christmas but have been saving it to do some shopping for our vacation this Summer. After looking around for a little bit I found this


Yes, it is a one-piece with shorts. (I think it's called a romper but I'm not 100% sure!) I was very skeptical at first but after trying it on thought it could be a very cute bathing suit cover-up. It cost less than $10 so I figured it was worth it. I immediately called Emily to tell her about my purchase. When I told her what it was I think she laughed at me! I don't know if these are in style but I was hoping that someone could give me the thumbs up or down that way I know whether to rock it or return it!

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  1. You can pull anything off! For the record, I haven't REALLY been shopping in years...:) I think it's cute, though.