Monday, January 11, 2010


Who doesn't love Mickey Mouse? Andrew loves him, we had a Mickey Mouse ornament hanging on our Christmas tree and every time he saw it he would exclaim, "micket mush!" Well the following story is not exactly about the cute and friendly cartoon character that resides at Disney World.

Yesterday was a wonderful Sunday. We had a great time of worship at church followed by a big lunch to honor our senior pastor and his family for their ten year anniversary of leadership at our church. When we got home the boys were exhausted and so we laid them down for a nap and I started cleaning.

As I was walking out of our bedroom to go switch the laundry I watched in horror as a little white mouse scurried from under our china cabinet into the kitchen and under the fridge. My heart stopped and my hands flew up to my face. I could hardly get the words out to Spencer, "OH MY WORD, THERE IS A MOUSE!"

He jumped up and asked me where it went. He peeked around the corner and saw it sitting on the baby safety gate that we keep between the fridge and wall. He ran out to the garage to grab garden gloves while I kept watch to make sure he didn't run out. When Spencer came back in the mouse had moved to behind the fridge. So I equipped myself with a pair of cleaning gloves and a cup in case he ran my way when Spencer pulled the fridge out.

Well of course, as Spencer was taking his stance, out scurries Mickey, along the cupboards and behind the oven.


So once again we brace ourselves and Spencer pulls out the stove. No Mickey. But there is a big hole where the electrical cord runs and so we assume he is behind the wall. We decide that I would go to my in-laws house to get a trap while Spencer kept watch (I was not going to be left alone with Mickey while Spencer went to get the trap!)

When I returned Spencer informs me that Mickey had in fact been behind the cupboards but had peeked his head out once. So he had rigged a trap with a tennis ball tube and bread to try and lure him out. Mickey had popped out once to nibble on the bread but slipped back in when Spencer tried to grab the tube. So we ended up setting up the old fashioned trap with peanut butter and sunflower seeds and waited for the SNAP.

By this time the boys were up from their naps and we continued on with our afternoon. I continued cleaning and the boys played and I just kept waiting...waiting...waiting to hear that Mickey had in fact met his fate.

About 2 hours after setting the trap Spencer was in our room playing with the boys and I went into the living room to check facebook. Out of the corner of my eye I see something cross in front of our bedroom door and go behind the china cabinet. Now, of course I assume it's not Mickey, I mean there's no way he could have escaped our trap and made it all the way back through the house without us seeing him! Right? But just in case, I yelled at Spencer and he came a runnin! He says to me, "You're hallucinating, but I'll check anyways."

He grabs his flashlight and sure enough, perched on the electrical cord behind the china cabinet sat Mickey with his beady red eyes shining right at me. I immediately close our door and shove a blanket under it so it wouldn't run in our room with the boys. Spencer grabs a mini trash can and I shine the light behind the cabinet. We waited as he slowly, slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y moved towards Spencer's end of the cabinet. I would say, "Here he comes. Ok, wait. No he's moving back. Ok here he goes. Ok, do you see him? Ok...ready...wait for it. OK GO!" and finally through the crack of the china cabinet I see Spencer lunge and slam the trashcan down on Mickey. YES! VICTORY IS OURS!

Spencer lifted up the trashcan enough to see Mickey's tail and make sure we got the little booger. Then we sat there looking at each other like, "Ok, now what?" I ran and got a thin piece of cardboard and we wiggled it under the trashcan and flipped it over. Spencer took him out to the garage and Mickey finally met his fate. Now, before you go calling PETA on me let me just say that this was no field mouse, if he had been we *might* have just let him go. But he was pure white and looked like something you would get at a pet store. We are pretty sure that a girl down the street has snakes for pets (gross, I know) but we assume that Mickey was a pet or food for a pet. I figured that since he made it into my house once, he could do it again and you can bet your boots I was not going to take that chance!

Mickey had a proper burial in our side yard and is now resting peacefully.

RIP Mickey Mouse 1-10-2010

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