Friday, January 29, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Fashion Tips

I didn't think I had anything to share today, but then I remembered this



Yes, I was voted Best Dressed my senior year of high school, certainly that must make me a certified guru...right? Think again. Since having children I feel like I am clinging to whatever smidgen of "style" I have left. I no longer have the money or the time to pour over style magazines, so here are the "tips" I have used to get me through the transitions of pregnancy, motherhood and the in-betweens!

1. LAYER - If something is too low-cut, too short, or just too plain then layer it with a tank top or lace-trimmed cami for a little versatility. I layer everything; tee-shirts, button-ups, sweaters, cardigans, everything.


georgiaaaOct06 048


2. Own a jean jacket - Let me preface this by saying I do NOT wear my jean jacket with JEANS. I have 3 jean jackets, I wear them over dresses, with skirts, with bermuda shorts, it's the perfect way to keep warm and still be cute.

georgiaaaOct06 005

DSCN0020.JPG copy

3. If you like something, try it - I am all about trying something trendy. I wore (fake) Uggs with mini-skirts, ponchos and flowers in my hair in high school because that was what I saw in the magazines....and I totally got made fun of, but I didn't care because I liked it!


4. Own something girly - There are times when you want to feel dressed up in jeans and it's always good to have a sparkly, frilly, metallic or flirty top to dress up a plain pair of jeans.


5. Accessories, accessories, accessories - As a mommy there are days that I just do not want to wear anything but shorts and a tank top, but you can bet that I will at least have a big ol' pair of dangly earrings on. In the winter I will wear a solid color tee with a scarf to make it more exciting. Accessories are the best way to take an outfit from one trend period to another. I love fashion jewelry because you can find it cheap, which is great because in two weeks it will be out of style anyways ;-)


DSC_8736 copy



6. Sport a bright smile - Any outfit looks better with pearly whites! (Yes, I realize I sound like a commercial right now!) I started using Crest White Strips in high school and one box made a HUGE difference, I still use about one box a year. Remember, you're never fully dressed without a SMILE! (Insert cheesy grin here)

Crest Whitestrips Classic


  1. Thanks for the tips--now I just need to you to go shopping with me!! :)

  2. You are GORGEOUS!!! I love your feminine/laid back-yet-sophisticated style.